Tainted Ride

I must admit, my winter bike does not have clipless pedals. It is one of them things I never got around to, and never had the motivation to, being a winter bike. Somewhat unloved, that could always need a better wash and some money spent on it. Mainly pedals.

I was managing alright. Throw on a couple of pairs of socks, old pair of trainers and off.

But the problem with winter is it is almost always wet out. The ground doesn’t get a chance to dry, so your bike gets wet and filthy and so do pedals.

(Told like a ghost story around a camp fire)

One mild but damp winter’s morning, I set off as usual. Cautious at first, warming up and checking the bike felt right before pushing on. As I stood to accelerate up a slight incline, the combination of increased power and wet grime on the pedal caused my foot to slip from it, past the mostly useless strap, it dangled, hopelessly trying to seek out something solid. It  had slipped from the pedal taking all my weight, attempting to propel the bike, therefore something else had to take the weight; I dropped like a stone and landed on the tip of my saddle.

Missing my delicate areas but still hurting like hell, grimacing and careering around trying to get back in control whilst checking for injury and also reprimanding myself for not buying some SPD’s.

 Of course it is all part of the fun of cycling. I carried on with the training ride (wasn’t really), and never did manage to get comfortable on my perch.

They are on my shopping list.


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